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Dear Women of America,

We do not urinate out of our vaginas. Vaginas are for making babies, not waste. Urine comes from our urethra and is in a close, but separate location from the vagina. There are three holes down there. One for urine, one for babies and one for feces. And the whole area is known as the vulva.

I applaud you for wanting to give children the correct terminology for their private bits, but that is impossible to do when  you,  yourself are using them incorrectly. I implore you, stop telling children they are peeing from their vaginas.

Yours truly,




Monday, I was rescued on the side of the road by a stranger; a handsome bald man driving a blue Subaru. I hit a bump in the road and the plastic undercovering began dragging. I pulled over and was deciding if it was AAA worthy, or if I should suck it up and hook it up myself when Mr. Blue Subaru pulled over and offered to help. He pushed my car off of the road more and then went under there and put it back up. He was so nice, he even followed me to the exit to make sure it stayed.  It made me cry. It was just so nice and unexpected. I shook his hand, I wasn’t sure what else to do.

So, there I was all week with a renewed sense of the niceness of humanity, when I was accosted by a street person.  Yesterday, I had just finished eating lunch with friends and we were walking back to the car when I did a heel click (we were talking about not growing up and being excited to be in the city…) and then a lady behind me said “…you fat ass loser bitch”. I missed the first part of what she said, but the “fat ass loser bitch” slapped me right across the face; she said it so hatefully.

I’m sure there is a lesson in all of this, I’m just not sure what it might be yet. I know for sure that I need to pay forward the nice thing that Mr. Blue Subaru did for me, but I don’t know how. I’d be utterly useless to someone on the side of the road, but hopefully (well not hopefully, I would like that no one would need help at all…) an opportunity will present itself and I will help out. Until then, I’m open to suggestions.

Hooray for Friday!

We are walking in the Race for the Cure tomorrow. It will be an early morning, but it should be a good time 🙂

I registered for the Komen Race for the Cure this year because I want to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer. I’d like to have hope that my daughter and her daughters have a chance to live in a world where cancer is only in history books.

My mother and aunt both battled breast cancer and won, but there are still many others that need our help.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today in support of my fundraising efforts.

You can donate online with your credit card by clicking the button above my fundraising thermometer.

Your support helps us get one step closer to a world without breast cancer. 75 percent of the money raised through the Race stays in the community to fund local breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs. The remaining 25 percent supports groundbreaking breast cancer research.

Together, we are fueling the best science, boldest community and biggest impact in the fight against breast cancer. And we will not stop until this disease is gone forever. That’s our promise. Will you please join me in this fight by making a donation today?

This has been a very trying week. It is exhausting holding yourself together. Seth’s funeral was a lovely tribute to a sweet little boy. He touched many people in his short life. He will be missed. I’ve been holding my Ruby a lot this week. She is so precious and I’d like not to think about life without her.

Miss Ruby caught a tummy bug at daycare on Wednesday and vomited all over me approximately four times. She stayed with my sister Thursday and slept all day, the poor dear. Last night she had some diarrhea and got it on me too. I’m hoping for a bodily fluid-free day today. Wish me luck.

mxhjjjjjjuty (Ruby just stopped by to say hi)

The weather on Saturday looks awesome (well, awesome for springtime in Ohio…), so we are planning to go to the zoo in the morning. There is some kind of Easter do happening.

This is not my best work…sorry, friends.

God brought home another angel Wednesday. My sister’s best friend lost her five year old son. I got the news yesterday morning from Joe, who read a text from my sister. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe it. I only met the boy a few times, but I’ve known his mom for years. He was playing in his room and when she went to check on him, he had somehow managed to get himself strung up and strangled with a shoelace. She blames herself and can’t imagine ever getting that image out of her head. I don’t think I could either. It is very hard on my sister and her kids too. He was like a brother to them. He called my sister “Aunt Wendy”. The whole thing is just so so very sad. And to make it worse, they don’t have life insurance and now are in a panic as to how they are going to afford the funeral. A funeral that no one should have to plan.

I couldn’t sleep last night. And probably won’t for awhile. I mostly want to hold Ruby and not let her go. It is really making me realize that life is too too short. And anything can  happen at any time.

I don’t even know what to say. It is just too sad.


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Well, we bought a house.

It’s a gorgeous old house; built in 1900. I love it, but we’ve been so busy. What with moving and unpacking and painting…I’ve hardly had a minute to breathe. We still have to finish painting the kitchen (a lovely pale lemon) and we haven’t even started on our bedroom yet. We are leaving Ruby’s room white until she is old enough to decide what she wants. Then, she can do whatever wackadoo thing strikes her fancy. The housewarming lunch for my family is this Sunday. I’m making chili and likely no one, aside from my Dad and brother, will attend. But, it will be a nice Sunday all the same.

Holy bananas I’m sleepy.

Ruby is still the best and most wonderful baby (I should probably stop calling her that…she’s 2…) in the entire world. She is getting to be a silly pants, which delights me beyond words. She is so funny! I honestly thought people were nuts that would be excited to spend the day staring at their babies, but I get it now. It is fascinating to watch her learn and play and grow. Ok, I’m going to say it…I love being a mom. Not that it has taken me this long to admit that, It’s just that I used to be a smug childless wife that didn’t want kids. ever. And now that Ruby is here, I can’t imagine what life would be like without her. What in the world did we do all day?! I still don’t think that children are the right choice for everyone and people should butt out of trying to make other people’s choices for them. But I know with 110% certainty that my life is much much better with Ruby as a part of it.


I mean…how can you not love this face?!

Also, I am rereading The Hunger Games trilogy and I still love them…I think if I wasn’t married to Joe or Paul Rudd, I’d be married to Peeta.


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